Regional Food Week 11/03/2013

We're cooking up a Great British treat

Our client sites will be the backdrop for a celebration of Great British food this week as we host our 'Regional Food Week' promotion.

We believe one of the standout qualities of Great Britain is the diversity of the tasty food that's available in our cities, towns and villages.

Our 'Regional Food Week' promotion is a great way of celebrating this rich diversity - and also showcasing our expertise when using a wide variety of fresh and, often locally sourced, ingredients to cook fantastic food.

At Catermasters, we are proud of the customers we serve, the quality of the ingredients we use and the skills of the people that cook our food. 'Regional Food Week' is a great way of bringing all three of these elements together in a fun and memorable way.

The regionally-inspired dishes that we'll be cooking this week include Pie, mash & liquor, Bakewell Tart, Gammon with Pease Pudding & Parsley Sauce, Jam Poly Poly, Minced Beef Wellington and Treacle Tart.

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