Regional food week

Regional Food Week

At Catermasters, Food is Everything. But rather than just telling our clients and customers what we're passionate about, we believe it's much more powerful to show them.

We recently hosted a themed promotion in all of our client sites to showcase our expertise when using a wide variety of fresh and locally-sourced ingredients to cook fantastic food.

The theme of our promotion was 'Regional Food Week' and we decided it should be a celebration of everything that is wonderful about food in Great Britain.

Regional Food Week

One of the standout qualities of the country we live in is the diversity of the food that's available in our cities, towns and villages. Regional Food Week brought that multiplicity to life in a fun and memorable way.

Our talented chefs cooked up a variety of Great British treats for our clients and customers to enjoy and our menus were filled with regionally-inspired classic dishes that included homemade Pie, mash & liquor, Bakewell Tart, Gammon with Pease Pudding & Parsley Sauce, and Jam Roly Poly.

Many of our customers told us that they had eaten some dishes for the first time in decades, while others confessed that they had tried some foods for the very first time. We think that's fantastic!

Regional Food Week

As well as cooking loads of fantastic British foods, we asked some of our friendly local suppliers - including butchers, green grocers and bakers - to come into our sites and present their delicious local produce to customers.

This was a great way of showing where lots of the delicious produce we use in our kitchens comes from and helped our clients and customers to gain a better understanding of our values when it comes to food provenance and demanding the best quality.

Regional Food Week proved to be a big success and there are more themed events to come. Our 'Street Food' promotion is scheduled to hit our sites in June.