Chefs Academy 2014 11/03/2014

Chef's Academy students get sharp in the kitchen

The Catermasters' 2014 Chef's Academy programme got underway on Monday as this year's class of six budding chefs completed their first 'basic knife skills' module at Brakes' Innovation Centre in Covent Garden, London.

Our successful Chef's Academy programme is now in its fifth year and has played a leading role in launching the careers of 23 talented chefs, many of whom now work for us at Catermasters.

Chef's Academy aims to give employees that have displayed a passion for food preparation the chance to become fully-qualified chefs within the Catermasters business. Our Chef's Academy line up in 2014 is Lynne Styles, Sarah Jones, Aaron Kailla, Gemma Salmon, Vipa Giordani and Michelene Mangus.

The group kicked off its programme of modules at the Brakes Innovation Centre earlier this week by being taught basic knife skills by our development chef, Ryan Holmes, and long-serving unit manager, Clive Jones.

Student Aaron Kailla enjoyed his first day of training. He said: "I already feel my knife skills have improved in only a few hours in the kitchen. We've been shown what each knife should be used for and how to use them correctly. It's been an enjoyable start to Chef's Academy."

The students are scheduled to meet every month until the end of the year to continue their learning and everyone in the group will also work towards achieving a formal Level 2 NVQ in Professional Catering qualification.

Ryan said: "We've got some very enthusiastic and talented students this year and it's going to be great to see how they progress and hopefully fulfil their potential in today's kitchen environment."

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